Welding Inspection and NDT Testing

At TIS we pride ourselves in providing welding inspectors whom are both skillful and proactive. Our welding inspectors are proficient in working according to codes, standards and specifications, and ensuring that they are met as per required time frame. Apart from ensuring that the appropriate welding procedures meet the required codes, standards and specifications through assertive supervision, our services focus on ensuring commitments are clear and are being employed in production. The keeping and updating records as they relate to reports of evaluation and preparation of inspection reports for our Client allow clear overview of welding inspection services.  TIS guarantees the witnessing of welder and procedure approval tests – whereby the preparation of test plates and destructive tests and verifying compliance with appropriate standards and specifications are met. We pledge welder approval and verify parent material against documentation and markings. Welding consumables identity, pre-weld inspection, pre-heating, in-process welding inspection and surveillance, inspection and test plans, post-weld heat treatment, post-weld visual inspection are all procedures that our inspectors have a bounty of experience in.

Corrosion Protection Inspections

Corrosion Protection Inspectors and services at TIS ensure the highest level of quality in areas of surface preparation, blasting and painting supervision, coating failure analysis, material selection coating, and wet and dry film thickness checks. The issuance of appropriate quality records when necessary and non-conformances reports are done with careful detail and are met to standard. We believe that careful monitoring of the correct coding cycles, checking and recording of atmospheric conditions, visual inspections, control of storage and certification of consumables, adhesion testing, penetration testing   are all integral in providing previous 100% client satisfaction. While our inspectors aim to provide quality coating services and perform visual checks after blasting, all processes are done with careful execution of the specific instructions on materials and construction activities on site.

Fabrication Supervision

At TIS we employ the highest level of fabrication supervision. We consider employment, financial, efficiency and scheduling responsibilities to the main areas of focus that are critical for Client satisfaction. Our employment responsibilities overlook training, hiring, evaluating and retaining employees; we believe that it is key to monitor and assess employees as they go along to ensure the standard is consistent. Our fabrication supervision services closely monitor our scheduling to ensure efficient time management of staff to meet production goals. The financial responsibilities are inclusive of ensuring we stay in line with budgeted project costs and oversee value for money strategy throughout the project. We at TIS believe that with the ever evolving nature of the energy industry it is crucial that we stay in line with new developments and technologies that will make us more efficient. We ensure Clients receive robust updates as regards development and continuous improvement towards efficiency.

Quality Management

Quality Management at TIS relies on six facilitating factors that ensure Client satisfaction. By developing, implementing, testing, analyzing and revising and improving the process in which components are manufactured, TIS ensures the highest criteria throughout the process and product audits. We believe in working closely with the manufacturing suppliers so as to ensure products are produced according to product specifications. In the case of problems or non-conformance, it is reported immediately, and solutions are determined promptly. As we implement a plan to improve performance and monitor and evaluate improvements, detailed records of product and equipment inspections, root cause analyses, corrective action plans and other reporting requirements are also documented. Our quality engineers ensure that the fundamentals for installation of each component are met and also provide key leadership, collaborative efforts across the varying levels of seniority in the workforce. Quality engineers use the principals of statistics, calculus, trigonometry, and other advanced topics in mathematics for exploration, design, and troubleshooting in their work.

Risk Assessment

Within this service, TIS identifies opportunities that allow us to improve project economics and competitiveness. Prior to contract signing, TIS coordinates with functional teams on due diligence investigations to allow successful conversion to construction and operation teams. We perform both quantitative and qualitative analyses to work out weaknesses to project closings. While creating and managing tools to monitor market activity and strategy within the renewable energy businesses, it is our strong aptitude for analytical and financial modeling and experience that enables Client satisfaction. In addition, our collaborative strategies, which oversee interaction with multiple disciplines in the company to ensure relevant data and analysis, drive decision making and overall project quality. Energy analyses and project designs are provided which allowed guided development within financing, construction, and operation of Wind Power Projects.

Site Management

Our site management services oversee responsibility and accountability for the operation, maintenance and productions of the overall project. We coordinate and manage all day to day activities and take a keen interest in health, safety and environmental performance. At TIS the upkeep of industry standards with regard to Health and Safety are done on an example-based strategy by all of our engineers and employees. We ensure the coordination of external contractors, documentation and administrative tasks are consistently updated to allow accurate tracking and reporting to Client. Coordinating and liaising on with site workers are considered beneficial as they allow us to report regularly to senior management with project developments.

Quality Audits

At TIS the quality audits services and auditors guarantee effective planning, directing and the controlling of activities relating to quality. We review source requirements and advise on present and future needs relating to project quality and also identify areas of improvement. Effective leadership is also key to manage project quality and to meet objectives. We ensure they are implemented and clearly understood. We maintain close contact with our quality managers and QC personnel and monitor their progress against the master schedule. The auditing of vendors before and after contract award under vendor evaluation and qualification programs, notifications of delay to subcontractor and the issuance of timely audit reports on the overall implementation status of quality management system are provided for within this service. Tracking and the following up of NCRs, the reviewing of pre-audit preventive actions and post-audit corrective actions and evaluations of contractors and their vendors are critical to ensure the identification of system weaknesses and foster appropriate improvement recommendations.